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Decatur and Tucker School Head Lice Policies

Updated on July 12, 2019


Schools in Decatur only restrict school attendance if an active case of lice, including live bugs is present. This is in accordance with recommendations by the State of Georgia Head Lice Manual

Under the section “Returning to School After Illness:

“Other health situations that may require your child to be sent home:

● Active case of lice with evidence of actual bugs”

City Schools of Decatur, College Heights Parent Handbook


Tucker is in DeKalb County School District and follows recommendations by the State of Georgia Head Lice Manual:


When a member of school staff suspects a child is infested with head lice, the following procedures should be followed:

  • The child should be restricted from activities involving close contact (i.e., hugging) or sharing personal items (i.e., hats, clothing, and brushes) with other children.
  • The school/facility must be notified, and the parents must be contacted (verbal communication is preferred). Immediate removal of the child is unnecessary. If the child has lice, they probably have been infested for weeks and prompt removal of the child could lead to embarrassment and ridicule. The child can be sent home at the end of the day. Children should be allowed to ride the school bus home. Transmission via school bus seats is not likely because of the biology of head lice.
  • A letter should be sent home notifying classmates’ parents that a case of head lice is suspected and asking them to check all of their children for head lice. The school should also provide parents with a copy of an information sheet on head lice infestation and treatment options. 

Source: Georgia Department of Public Health Head Lice Manual

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