Costs of Do-It-Yourself Treatments – Monetary, Emotional, and Physical

Cost of over the counter lice treatments

Keep in mind that there is cost involved with any lice treatment that you do. In fact, going the do-it-yourself route often ends up being more expensive than using LiceDoctors.

Why is that?

Consider the monetary costs of the following:

  • Over-the counter head lice treatment kits that often do not work
  • Visits to the doctors’ office/prescription shampoos that may not work
  • Days of missed work and school
  • Loads and loads of laundry and dry cleaning
  • Needlessly thrown away combs and other hair accessories

Then there are the emotional and physical costs of do-it-yourself treatments:

  • Hours spent in vain combing and treating and picking only to find out a few days later that there are still nits in the hair
  • The frustration of mom or dad not being able to see what is in their own hair
  • Restless, crying, and/or frustrated children who endure picking and pulling at their hair
  • Long term effects of toxic ingredients??
  • The discomfort of itchy scalps
  • Back aches from constant vacuuming and doing loads of wash
  • The biggest toll of all are the emotional ones which include but are not limited to frustration, anger, humiliation, guilt, worry, stress; all of which can be alleviated by a short visit from LiceDoctors

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