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Convenience/Advantages of In-Home Lice Treatment

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By Karen Keavey

In-home professional lice treatment offers the privacy, convenience, flexibility, and confidentiality that you can’t find in a salon. Plus, LiceDoctors prices are lower than most salon prices!

Why should you have in-home lice treatment?  Let me count the ways. Having lice treated in your homestead, by an experienced technician is not only more efficient, effective, and emancipating, there are so many advantages it makes sense to list them all….

1So long, farewell….:  Your entire family (as is often the necessary case)line art drawing of several children engaged in various activities, reading cleaning walking playing. can be treated but each can go about his or her way after being attended to (de-liced).   There is minimal down time per person, meaning the whole family isn’t involved simultaneously.  A DIY scenario often becomes a frustrating and messy, often unsuccessful family affair.

2Cooler Heads Prevail:  DIY lice procedures are time consuming, scary and if novice, kind of gross.  That can be a recipe for disaster if administered by a stressed-out parent of an itchy, unhappy kid.  A third neutral party is often the best suggestion for any emotional or trying family situation that needs to be remedied.  Best to leave it to the experts, keeping the emotion to a minimum.

3 Multitask Away: “Stuff” can still be accomplished during the removal process.  woman juggling clocks multitasking.Kids can do homework, play video games, use their phones, read or watch TV.  Same for mom, dad, and anyone else who has come down with the little buggers.  It’s a lot easier to keep your kids occupied and entertained when someone else is taking lice out of their head instead of a possibly frustrated family member.  Plus, technicians are often fun and entertaining!  Lice to meet you!  Have a lice day!  They speak lice-gauge.

4One and Done:  In home lice treatment is usually single visit scenario -- without having to go through the ritual twice or more, unlike other alternatives.  When DIY or Over the Counter Lice treatments are used, not only are they confusing and time consuming, the process usually doesn’t work, meaning starting from scratch over and over.  

5- Knowledge is power:  Professional trained technicians are educated and practiced on how to spot and remove not only the lice but the eggs they lay.  And because both hang on dearly to strands of hair, making them difficult to remove without a trained hand and practiced effort, you need an experienced person to do so accurately and successfully.  Would you want your hair dyed and cut by a first-time student?   We think not!

6Let someone else do the work.  It’s simply a relief, and not a small one, to have someone else do the very detailed work of picking lice and nits out of a head of hair.  And oftentimes, it’s not only one family member who needs the procedure.  Again, the trained eye cannot only do the job well the first time, but also the second, third and fourth (assuming there’s more than one family member needing attention).  feet in slippers resting on red and black tartan foot stool with cocoa and cell phone

7Minimize the mess.  Technicians know how to do the job, contain the work, and keep all clean and tidy.  Removal can be a messy business for your home (and your head).  Why not keep all the crazy to a minimum and go pro.

8 - Less Stress!  Let’s face it.  Having lice is stressful enough.  Its just a good feeling and a big load off to know that you’ve got experts on the case, taking care of it the way it should be.  After all, if you were sick, wouldn’t you go to the doctor? Toothache to the dentist?  Enough said.

Sometimes lice (and life!) can be too much to handle on its own… taking it into your own hands, literally and figuratively can be taking it one step too far.  Save yourself the time, headache, inconvenience, money and stress. Call the experts. Call LiceDoctors at 405-416-5484 for at home lice treatment in the Norman area today.