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Conroe and Atascocita School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Schools in the area of Conroe and Atascosita do not hold to strict “no nit” policies, instead they will only exclude children from attendance based on the presence of live lice.


  1. When a student is found to have live lice:
    1. a) The parent/guardian is notified and information related to detection and elimination of head lice will be provided.
    2. b) The parent/guardian of student and school officials will determine if the student should be sent home.
    3. c) The parent/guardian is instructed that the student should be treated before returning to school.
    4. d) In some cases, (based on the School Nurse’s professional judgment), it may be appropriate to have the student’s head checked upon return to school.
  2. When a student is found to have nits present (no live lice detected):
    1. a) The parent/guardian is notified and encouraged to pick the nits from the student’s hair at least daily for the next two weeks.
    2. b) The student is not sent home from school.
    3. c) Information related to detection and elimination of head lice is sent home with the student.
  3. When to check beyond the identified student with live lice:
    1. a) If the student has siblings in the same school, check the siblings for head lice.
    2. b) If the student has siblings in another District school, notify the parent/guardian that all members of the household should be checked and that precautionary measures should be taken to avoid family infestation.”

Source: Conroe ISD Health Services


Head Lice (All Grade Levels)

“Head lice,  although not an illness or a disease, is very common among children and is spread very easily  through  head‐to‐head  contact  during  play,  sports,  or  nap  time and when  children share things like brushes, combs, hats, and headphones. If careful observation indicates that a Humble ISD’s student has head lice, the school nurse will contact the student’s parent to determine whether the student will need to be picked up from school and to discuss a plan for treatment with an FDA‐approved medicated shampoo or cream rinse that may be purchased from any drug or grocery store. After the student has undergone one treatment, the parent should check in with the school nurse to discuss the treatment used. The nurse can also offer additional recommendations, including subsequent treatments and how best to get rid of lice and prevent their return.

Notice will also be provided to parents of elementary school students in the affected classroom.”

More information on head lice can be obtained from the DSHS website Managing Head Lice.

Source: Humble ISD Student Handbook

“Having live bugs (lice) requires the student be excluded from school. The presence of only “nits” does not require exclusions from school unless they are closer than ¼ inches from the scalp.”

Source: Humble ISD Health Services

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