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Chino and Chino Hills School Lice Policies

Updated on May 8, 2018


While most school districts in the Inland Empire maintain a “no nit” policy which forbids children with lice eggs from attending school, Chino Valley Unified School District has revised its policy a bit to make it more lenient. Until recently the district had a “no nit” policy meaning anyone with nits would be sent home. Now in a move that aligns more closely with recommendations from the American Academy of pediatrics, there is a “form letter that goes home to parents of the entire school if it finds a case of lice. The nurse does inspect the hair of students in a classroom where lice is suspected.

‘They (students with lice) have to be treated and been seen again by me before they come back. If there are nits close to the scalp, they are not able to return,’ said Donna McBroom, district nurse.

She said this time of year usually brings on outbreaks with the sharing hats, coats and scarves, but she hasn’t seen it in the district. She credits the parents with keeping a close eye on children’s hair. Chino had more incidents of lice at the beginning of school year, and notifying and educating parents has improved the situation.

‘It really is up to them to take care of the situation. All we can do is say, ‘Yes, they have them, and they will need to be treated,’” McBroom said.” Source: Daily Courier Article

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