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 There are Even Children’s Books About Head Lice

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Sometimes children feel better reading or being read a book about head lice. Some books are informative and some are funny and some are both. No matter what, books can help a child (and Mom and Dad) feel like he or she is not the only person going through this annoyance.

Below are three books about head lice designed for children:

Bugs in the Hair-Is something bugging you? David Shannon writes about an amusing book about battling head lice. 

BUGS IN MY HAIR by David Shannon image of cover of book cartoon image of a lice bug louse peeking through hair

Head Lice by Elise Gravel, is part of a series of hilarious nonfiction books about disgusting creatures, this book examines head lice. This is a funny book that is both amusing and educational.

HEAD LICE by Elise Gravel book cover cartoon lice louse saying Hey There!

Horrid Henry has got lice again! He has to visit school nurse, Nitty Nora the nit nurse, and he wants make sure that he is not the only kid with lice.

HORRID HENRY'S HEAD LICE by Francesca Simon book cover school children aghast at boy picking through hair

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