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Chester County School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Each school district usually sets the head lice policy for the schools in their area, and yet it is always a good idea to check with your child’s health services department for clear guidelines on how they deal with head lice. The following has been found for schools in the West Chester area



Schools and child-care facilities should screen all children for head lice, so everyone can be treated and the spread of head lice will be prevented.


Having regularly scheduled mass screenings does not reduce the incidence of head lice.


“No-nit” policies reduce the risk of head lice in schools and child-care facilities.


Research shows “no-nit” policies do not decrease the number of cases of head lice. They do increase the risk of incorrect diagnosis of head lice, the number of days children are out of school, and negative social stigma associated with head lice. They also may hinder academic performance.


The only way to ensure you will not get head lice after a treatment is to remove all the nits.


Studies have shown the removal of nits immediately after treatment with a pediculicide is usually not necessary.

Source: West Chester Area School District Myths and Facts about Lice

However, even given the above declaration on the inefficacy of “no nit” policies, the following two schools within this district DO appear to retain these older regulations.

Pediculosis: “Head Lice”: Until judged nit free by the School Nurse. Proof of treatment required.

Source: Sarah Starkweather Elementary School

Pediculosis - until judged non-infective and nit free by the school nurse or student’s

(Head Lice) Health Care Provider.


However your child’s school chooses to respond to head lice, LiceDoctors is able to help you satisfy the requirements and get your young learner back to school right away. Call 215-344-1413 now for same day treatment.