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The Shopping Spree you Never Dreamed Of: Can You Get Lice from Clothing Stores?

Long haired girl browsing through clothing on racks in a store

Updated on July 19, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Nikki Palmer

It’s not likely that you will get lice from clothes shopping, but it is a good idea to briefly check the clothes before trying them.

When I asked an employee of a retail clothing store about the sanitation of clothing on the racks, the feedback given by her was astonishing to me. It might be hard for some to believe that every article of clothing that is tried for fitting by the public is not properly cleansed, if any at all, by the workers of the store before being placed back on display for purchasing. They don’t even wipe it off.

Can you imagine that very attractive Polo T-Shirtracks of shirts at a clothing store or stylish hat being on the body of 10 strangers prior to your trying it on in the fitting room? The very least you would expect would be that someone would shake it out or wipe it down before putting it back on the rack. This, unfortunately is not what happens.

While the most common ways to obtain head lice is by far through head to head contact, it is possible to pick up a bug if a person with lice just tried on the clothes. When a person who is affected with head lice tries on clothing in your local clothing outlet, if he or she does not purchase the item, most stores will simply place the item back on the rack right away. elderly woman trying on a colorful pink and yellow sombreroIf that same item is then tried on by someone else, within a couple of hours of person one, person two could unintentionally become a victim of head lice. You do not have to go crazy worrying about this, just be sure to shake off the clothes to dislodge any louse lying in wait. Also visually scan the clothes and see if you see any bugs crawling around. If not, you are good to go. Please note that you can not catch a nit (egg). In order for an egg to be in the hair, it has to have been laid by a louse who is or was on the head.

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