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Can You Get Head Lice From Cats?

cute tan and black tabby kitten curled up posing for camera

We know that kitty is a member of your family. Does that mean that he or she can get head lice when your kids have it? Can you actually catch lice from your cat?

If you find head lice in your family, your mind starts going to all sorts of places. Where did my daughter pick up a case? Does my son also have it? What did I do wrong? (Easy answer: you did nothing wrong!). Does the family cat have it and Can you even get lice from cats?

We understand how you feel. It can be very daunting and overwhelming to discover lice in the family. First of all there are a lot of misconceptions about head lice and how you can get it. Second, although it is getting better, unfortunately there is still a stigma associated with head lice. Third, you are busy and you really do not have the time or inclination to get rid of this case on your own. OR you may have tried but the lice keep reappearing.

This is where and when a professional treatment service can make a real difference in your life. Now about your cat: we have some good news for you. toddler and mother with long curly brown hair snuggling with fluffy white kitty catCats can not get head lice (nor can dogs or any other pets). While head lice are not at all discerning about which humans they will visit, they do have specific requirements to survive.

Head lice need the temperature of a human head. Cats have a different body temperature that is not conducive to the survival of head lice. In addition, head lice feed on human blood. They are not interested in the blood of cats. The taste is different and not palatable to a cat. Lice eat multiple times a day and if they are off the head of a human for more than a day they will die.

One caveat here is that if a louse should happen to crawl off the head of a family member and onto the family cat, and then another family member picks up that cat, that bug will still be alive and can crawl into the hair of member number two. In other words, the cat acts as a transporter of the louse. Keep in mind that much like an inanimate object, the bug is not feeding on the cat and will die within a day if it does not find a human head.

While there are challenges to getting rid of head lice and there are steps you have to take to ensure that they stay away, you can cross off your list treating your family pet. LiceDoctors technician comes directly to your home to treat you in complete privacy and your technician will answer all the questions that come up. While one client asked us to treat her guinea pig, we assure you that it is NOT necessary! At your convenience, call 800-224-2537 for professional lice help today. 

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