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Can You Get Head Lice From a Hotel Bed?

Sleeping in a lice free bed in Santa Ana hotel

Updated on July 19, 2020

You worry about getting lice in your home, how about getting lice from a hotel room bed?  The truth is your risk of getting lice in your home is very low and the risk of getting lice from a hotel room bed is even lower.

Why is the Risk of Getting Lice from a Hotel Room Bed Low?

Lice do not like to reside off the human head as the ambient temperature is not appropriate and their food source is not there. Lice can survive off the head only for a matter of hours. If someone has lice and a bug falls off the head (not likely) onto a bed at home, there is a slight chance that if someone sits on the bed, he or she will get lice. In a hotel room, where the room is cleaned between guests and the sheets are changed on the bed, the chances of contracting lice diminish even further.

How to Kill Lice at Home or in Your Hotel Room

If you do find a live louse in your home or hotel room, this means that someone with an active infestation has recently been in that room. The best thing you can do is to have all family members checked to determine who is infected and then treat all heads. As I mentioned, you do not need to worry about killing an errant louse found off the head, because that bug will die in short order. Unlike bed bugs, lice will not last long in a bed. You do need to be concerned about the person who brought that louse into the house or hotel, because that case will not go away on its own; it will only get worse.

To wage a battle against lice means to kill lice and remove their eggs at the source: the head. LiceDoctors applies oil to loosen eggs and suffocate the bugs. Then your technician will employ a methodical combing process to ensure that the eggs (nits) are pulled from the hair. The next step will be a thorough, strand by strand check during which she will remove all remaining remnants of the case.

To recap, it is unlikely that you will find a live louse off the head in your house; it is even less likely that you will find one in a hotel room. On the remote chance that you do, focus your time, energy, and resources on checking and treating immediate family/friends who have recently been in your quarters. That is the only way to eradicate a case of head lice.