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Can Men And Boys Get Lice?

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Sorry guys, but the answer is “yes”!

The good news for you is that men are less likely than women to pick up a case.

Although lice are more commonly found in females, each year thousands of males contract cases of head lice. Yep, men can get head lice. Lice only need to find the scalp to make a home for themselves. They suck the blood in the scalp and if they can get access to a head then they will go there.

The reason that males are less frequent victims is because of the usual short length off their hair. Because females typically have longer hair, it is easier for a louse to find and climb up the hair of a female. Nonetheless, each year many boys are diagnosed with head lice.

Boys or men with long hair are easier prey as are boys who come into close contact with friends or family who have lice. If your son and his (infested) friend are wrestling or sitting on the floor next to each other playing video games, they are candidates for lice.

Adult males seem to get lice less frequently than boys. One reason is that they are usually not in as close contact with friends as are boys. Also another possibility is that head lice shy away from testosterone. A parenting magazine, JUNIOR, in its October 12, 2012 edition did a feature on head lice and stated, “It’s rare for fathers to get head lice, so some experts believe they don’t like testosterone.”

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The only sure way to be immune to lice is to be bald. Bald as in not a stitch of hair. If you have a crew cut you can get lice. Lice need only a tiny bit of hair to cling to while they feed from the scalp. If you have any remnant of hair, you can still be infested. Of course, the less hair you have the harder it will be for lice to find your hair. It will also be easier to find nits in the hair if it is buzzed close to the scalp.

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