Can I Get Head Lice from The Hair Salon?

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We received a phone call recently from a concerned woman in Louisville who was quite certain that she had picked up head lice from her hair salon. "I live alone and work with adults. My daughter and her children live in Texas and I haven't seen them in a few months and they have no signs of lice. I can not think of any other way that I could have contracted it. What do you think?", she asked us. It is certainly possible that this Louisville woman picked up lice at a salon. Usually lice are transmitted directly from person to person but in this case, it sounds like she may have gotten it in another way. Only about 5% of cases are caught from an inanimate object such as a brush or salon chair, but if someone lives alone and is not regularly exposed to children, the person may fall into the 5% category. You may have noticed at your salon that brushes are often taken off the stylist's table and used in your hair. The brush may or may not have been cleaned between clients. Actually, you can feel more confident that brushes and combs are cleaned in a barber shop as they are stored in blue disinfecting liquid or barbicide. In addition, the possibility exists that someone with an active case of lice sat in the salon chair right before you. Lice can live off the head for about a day so it is possible that a bug is waiting for you on the chair. As I said, it is by far a less likely scenario for getting lice than head-to-head contact, but it does happen. If a stylist at a salon sees lice in someone's hair, she or he is supposed to ask the client to leave and then disinfect the salon. There are times, though, when the stylist doesn't see or recognize a case of lice. Also, of course, it is possible that some salons are less than diligent in choosing to close and disinfect everything. If you learn that you have head lice, whatever the source, LiceDoctors can help you. One of our Kentucky technicians will make a house call to your home to make the process as convenient and confidential as possible. A live lice expert is on duty from 7 am until midnight every day to answer your questions and set up an appointment for you.

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