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Can Dogs Get Lice?

Updated on April 15, 2017

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Can you get lice from this little pup? Of course, we love our family pets. There is nothing like walking into the house and being greeted by your family dog, but do dogs get lice? Meredith G. from Omaha has two dogs and lives on her own. She called us in to treat her for head lice. She assumed that there were lice on her dogs and she had gotten lice from them. We explained to Meredith that she did not get lice from her dogs. Lice can not live on a dog. To survive, head lice need the temperature of the human head and they feed from human blood. Dogs do not offer an environment in which lice can survive. Meredith can hug her dogs all day, and she will not put herself at risk for getting lice. As our technician discussed Meredith's head lice case with her, Meredith mentioned that she had been around some young children, her nieces, a month earlier. She called her sister-in-law to see if the nieces had lice and was told no. Thirty minutes later, the sister-in-law called back to say that she checked her girls and, in fact, they did have lice! And there we had the likely source of Meredith's infestation. If you find head lice on your head or on the heads of family members, chances are you got it from another human. Nearly all cases are picked up from someone who is already infested. It is not at all unusual that Meredith did not exhibit symptoms for a month after exposure to her nieces as it takes awhile for lice to lay eggs and for those lice eggs to hatch and then for the baby bugs to mature and proliferate. There is one thing that Meredith does not have to worry about and that is getting lice from her dogs. If you are in the Omaha and have head lice, no matter where you got them from, LiceDoctors can help you get rid of the lice. Call us today for same day service at 402-885-4855.

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