Buzz Cuts and Head Lice

closeup photo of electric clippers and dark hair clippings

Not so fast….shaving the head may be overkill and can produce trauma in some children. Before you grab the razor, read below about head lice and buzz cuts.

Found Lice? To Shave or Not to Shave?

If you are like many parents, you may be minding your own business when you notice your child scratching his head. A lightbulb goes off and you go and check to see if you see any unwanted signs of head lice. Right there in front of your face, you see a bug crawl out of the hair. After you have a heart attack, you run to get a shaver to shave your son’s hair. Before you do that you check your daughter and OMG she has it also. What is a parent to do?

Before You Choose to Shave the Head Keep This in Mind

  1. You cannot bring your child to a salon to have this done professionally. Salons cannot treat children who have lice as that is a health code violation.

  2. Shaving your child’s hair may be extremely upsetting, embarrassing, or isolating for certain children. They may feel an attachment to their hair or they may feel that with a buzz cut they are a walking announcement that they have had head lice. They may think they look “stupid” with this style. There are many reasons why it may be unwise to implement this draconian measure.

  3. For girls, shaved heads are generally a social taboo and can really do a number on their psyche and their social lives. For certain diseases or treatments this is unavoidable; head lice is not one of them

  4. Even if you shave the head, you may not get rid of the lice. Yes, you read that right. The reason for that is that the bugs can cling to even a tiny piece of hair in order to get the blood (their food) from the scalp. If you do choose to shave their head, make sure that you use the blade that provides the closest cut to the hair. Basically your child has to be bald for this treatment to be effective.

There are Less Severe Methods for Treating Head Lice

If you want to cut your hair to make it easier to find and remove head lice, that is fine, although rarely, if ever, necessary. The bottom line is that while it is true that the less hair you have, the easier it is to find nits, any professional should be able to eradicate your head lice

The next step is to physically remove the nits and bugs, either yourself or professionally. LiceDoctors technicians get rid of lice in many families every day without needing to buzz heads…ever! Your technician will comb and handpick the nits from the hair meticulously and throughly. Our chemical-free treatments are so successful that we offer a 100% guarantee! For same day treatment in the comfort of your own home, call LiceDoctors in Chesapeake at 757-609-0509.