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Buckhead and Brookhaven School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020

While it appears that neither Buckhead or Brookhaven hold to strict "no nit" policies it is always a good plan to check with your child's school for particulars.


Buckhead schools are in the Atlanta School District and do not hold to a strict “no nit” head lice policy. This means that children are allowed to return to school once treatment has begun.

There are 8-10 million cases of head lice in our country yearly, but it is comforting to know that head lice are easily eliminated with relatively easy to use treatments. The following steps will help control the spread of this potential lice outbreak.

  • · Children that are referred will be screened by the School Nurse or designee; however, it is recommended that parents check their children for lice weekly at home!
  • · If eggs / active lice are noted, use an over-the-counter pediculicide for effective treatment.
  • · The School Nurse or designee will re-examine your child’s scalp and hair 7 – 10 days after treatment.
  • · Isolate all clothing and linen; wash in hot water.
  • · The use of lice control sprays and pesticides are discouraged due to the potential for allergic reactions and other side effects.
  • · Wash hands (all household members) thoroughly, especially under the nails. (Scratching is one of the early warning signals).
  • · Discourage sharing combs, hats, barrettes and other personal items.
  • · Your child may return to school the morning after he / she has been treated with a head louse shampoo.

Source: Atlanta Schools Head Lice Information


Brookhaven is in the DeKalb school district and according to a source in the school district office, children are allowed to return to class once treatment has begun.

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