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Brookhaven School Head Lice Policy

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Brookhaven Schools retain “No Nit” policies and will not allow students with nits (lice eggs) to attend class until all nits and lice are gone.

Newsday reports in an email [from] Janice McPhee, president of the New York State Association of School Nurses, cited a position paper from the school nurses' national organization that emphasized screening programs have not made a significant impact on head lice incidence. School districts, however, are free to set their own policies: "It is a local decision but should be based upon the current [scientific] evidence," McPhee said.

Schools in Nassau and Suffolk counties have long maintained "no nit" policies...

In Suffolk, Betty Ann Grunseich, a school nurse at East Moriches Elementary, said the insects are not much of a problem at her school. She doesn't conduct lice checks.

"Moms are good about checking their children," Grunseich said. "They usually call me up and say, 'My child has head lice.' " Grunseich said she examines the child after treatment. Her examination, she said, extends to children's contacts, such as siblings and friends. "We get proactive fast so it doesn't get totally out of hand," Grunseich said.”
Source: Newsday Article

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