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Bring in the Big Combs: Why a Lice Professional Can Get Rid of a Case that You Can’t

LiceDoctors professional technician treating smiling child.

Updated on June 25, 2020

By Lice Technician Chelsea Lonergan

You have tried to get rid of your child’s lice infestation but it is stubborn...really stubborn. You don’t want to pay for a lice professional but you also don’t want to throw good money after bad trying to get rid of the bugs that really don’t want to leave! With some things in life, having a professional take charge is the sensible option. close image of lice adult lice nymph louse.

Head lice are an inconvenient, disruptive, obnoxious, sometimes unavoidable, and, oftentimes, pricey part of life. While we cant control how annoying they can be, we often try to control how much money we shell out to get rid of them. Its an easy trap to fall into when you see an all-inclusivekit on the drugstore shelf and think to yourself, how hard can it be? The steps seem easy: use chemical shampoo, and comb out the casualties to reveal lice-free hair. But as too many can attest to, it just doesnt seem to work out that way.

Although the up-front costs of professional lice treatment can seem disproportionate to the do-it-yourself ones, we have plenty of reasons why professional lice treatments are generally more cost-effective and just plain effective when compared to the DIY plans. Here, we detail just a few:

Chemicals Often Just Do Not Work to Kill Lice

cartoon graphic of stoppered triangular chemical bottles with frown icons.First, and perhaps most central, is the fact that chemicals just aren’t that effective. While the allure of a one-and-done chemical treatment is strong, research year after year shows that the chemicals found in such kits don’t actually work that well. What’s even worse is that the use of such chemicals over time, and having some lice survive them, has led to most lice now being dubbed “Super Lice.” These Super Lice are essentially untouchable by traditional chemical DIY treatments. Lice professionals at LiceDoctors don’t use a single chemical in their treatments. Nope—LiceDoctors technicians rely on non-toxic, thorough methods with an incredibly high rate of success.

Common medications such as Malathion, Permethrin and Pyrethrin are no longer potent enough to fight the super-breed scalpers, ...that the more people use insecticides, the more prevalent this immunity will become.” Super Strenght Lice

Natural Products Alone Will Not Get Rid of a Lice Infestation

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Well, I wasnt going to use chemicals anyway. grimacing woman with brown hair scratching at her head evoking crazy anguishIve got plenty of all-natural remedies that seem to work from these online lice forums.” Unfortunately, using these methods yourself is often still not as effective as having a professional come in. This can be due to a variety of reasons: maybe the remedy just isn’t effective, or you’re not doing it thoroughly enough to properly eradicate all of the lice and nits or you can’t reach the back of your own to get out all the eggs or bugs. And don’t overlook an extremely important factor...nothing penetrates the shell of the nit. You can pour anything you want on your lice infestation but it won’t seep through to eliminate nits. This ultimately leads to a waste of time, money, and to a lot of frustration.

Professionals as a Last Resort?

Unfortunately, many clients use professionals as a last resort. Often, the money and time has already been shelled out on those DIY protocols, starting with home remedies (Vinegar? Mayonnaise? Chugging a glass of water while burning sage and listening to smooth jazz?), then moving onto the chemical kits when those don’t seem to be working. After a few rounds, the chemicals don’t seem to be working either. At this point, many clients have spent upwards of $100-$200+ and hours upon hours they can’t get back.

Soft focus LiceDoctors Technician treating client with head thrown back laughingLice professionals are trained, incredibly knowledgeable, and can actually see the back of your head. We are expert at combing and handpicking lice and nits until there are none left in your hair so you get the benefits of a chemical-free and comprehensive lice treatment. At LiceDoctors, we not only know that DIY treatments will miss a substantial number of lice and/or nits, we guarantee your treatment protocol will be completely effective.

Las Vegas head lice infestations are most common in pre-school and elementary school children. The families of these children often also get head lice infestation due to its highly contagious nature. As children play in close proximity to each other, the risk of passing along a louse is fairly high. This is why doctors and school nurses recommend LiceDoctors--the premier professional Las Vegas in-home lice removal service.

Rather than start with time-consuming and ineffective protocols, you can call in the professionals—the big combs, so-to-speak—first. Not only will professional LiceDoctors technicians be able to get rid of your case, they will help arm you with the knowledge and guarantee-backed protocol you need to handle lice for the rest of your life. Now, doesn’t that sound nice?

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