The Best Tools for Head Lice Removal: Comb, Hands, and Experience

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Recently there has been an outbreak of head lice in the Baltimore area of Maryland. In the fall, we saw a surge in the incidence of lice in Montgomery County, Maryland. Unfortunately many parents run out to the drug store to buy a chemical remedy that ends up being ineffective. The reason for the less than stellar performance of the pesticides is that lice have an uncanny ability to adapt with the times, hence their longevity (lice have been around way longer than humans). Lice have developed a high level of immunity to the pesticides that are on the market today--both over-the-counter and prescription. Parents often call LiceDoctors in a state of exasperation. The best tools for lice eradication do not include chemicals. That is good news because, of course, we would rather avoid pesticides when possible. The best tools are a high quality lice comb, which is used to comb out nits (lice eggs), a pair of hands, used to pick out the nits, and experience so that you know what you are looking for and how to remove it. Lice removal is a time consuming process for which there are no short cuts. If you overlook a few nits, they will remain in the hair as they are glued to each strand and within 10 days will hatch and the cycle will resume. The National Pediculosis Association, an advocacy organization located in Newton, Massachusetts, has an annual campaign called Comb First. They say on their site, "The goal is to help families and entire communities work together to control head lice calmly and effectively and without exposures to risky pesticides. The NPA and the American Academy of Pediatrics agree: 'Children’s exposures to pesticides should be limited as much as possible.' For those who wonder, combing is indeed a scientifically reliable method to remove all lice and nits (their eggs) – which is another way of saying it can end an infestation. (“If you don’t get ‘em out, you’ve still got ‘em!”)." The challenge for many families is that if you are not experienced in nitpicking, finding all of the nits is extremely tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating. Nits are small; newly laid ones are teeny, and they tend to camouflage in the hair rendering them hard to find. LiceDoctors can help with this. As with many other tasks, there are optimal ways to do it, good tools of the trade, and experience makes a big difference. Your expert technician will come to your home and expediently and thoroughly go through your hair and remove the nits. If you find lice or nits in your hair, call us today and we will come to you at a time that is convenient for you. In the Baltimore area, call (443) 873-2187 and in Montgomery, Prince Georges, Charles counties, call (240) 720-7491 for our fully guaranteed lice removal service.

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