Be Familiar with the Appearance of Head Lice

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Head lice extracted from a client's hair. As we treated Kerry G's family in Minneapolis, she leaned in closely to get a good look at the lice that we removed from her daughter's hair. "I honestly did not know how to recognize the lice in the hair. I had seen some pictures online but I still could not identify if what I was looking at was a lice infestation. As the lice technician, Nancy, extracted the bugs from my daughter's head she placed them against the white paper towel. Finally I was able to see what they look like. Perhaps if I had known what to look for I would've identified this case before it got so bad. Who knows? But I would recommend that parents become as familiar with the appearance of lice as possible so that they may be able to recognize a case at an early stage.", Kerry reported. Of course head lice are very off-putting to many people so it is not a subject that people like to explore before they really have to. We understand that. We also know that when parents at least know what they are looking for, it gives them a sense of confidence and helps to dispel some of the fear about contracting a case. The photo that Nancy took above of a couple of head lice that she removed from Kerry's daughter's hair show very clearly that lice have six legs and no wings and that differentiates them from other insects who have wings. Lice propel themselves by crawling; they cannot hop, jump, or fly. Despite being wingless, they move extremely fast across the head.

Most parents don’t like to think about head lice but if you get familiar with what they look like, you might be able to identify a case early on. Notice that head lice are pale brown. They are about the size of a large sesame seed. When they are first hatched from the egg, they are very tiny. Over the next 10 days or so, they grow until they become mature bugs. It is at that point that they lay eggs. Lice survive on the head for about a month before they die. Although the mature bug dies, it usually leaves behind its legacy of several eggs. Naturally it takes a bit longer to remove an infestation that has been brewing in the hair for several weeks, which is why it can be beneficial to you to take some time to become familiar with what lice look like. Regardless of the extent of the infestation, your LiceDoctors' technician will remove all visible lice and nits from the hair. We will also educate you so that you know exactly what lice look like so that if you encounter them at any point in the future you will recognize them right away. If you are unsure as to whether you are seeing lice in the hair, we can tell you. We will eradicate the lice no matter whether there is one louse in the hair or many hundreds. Call LiceDoctors in Minnesota at 612-328-9210 and let us know when you want us to make a house call. An experienced lice professional will be there to get you cleared up and back in action before you know it, using a safe chemical-free protocol that works.

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