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How to Get Your Child Back to School After Head Lice

student stepping off of a school bus next to a sign that reads SCHOOL BUS STOP

Updated on July 17, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Kelli Ogle

Your child has lice and you don’t know whether you can send him or her back to school. Policies have changed in many schools and have become more lenient. LiceDoctors discusses the options in his blog.

You get a call from the school nurse with the news that your child has head lice, you then start freaking out and treating the entire house and child. Some parents may know what to do to get rid of head lice, if they have been through it before, but the question that arises every time is WHEN CAN MY CHILD GO BACK TO SCHOOL?back-to-school-school buses in a chalk board frame

Believe it or not, there have been some new school policies that have emerged in the last few years. These policies suggest that parents should keep their child/children in school, regardless of the stage of their head lice infestation to avoid missing important lessons.

Hmmmm… well if you are like me at all, you do not want to send your child to school with an active head lice infestation, just to pass it around school and risk getting it right back. Even if your child does not get it back, I would not want another parent to have to go through it also.

I would recommend sending your child back to school when there are no more live bugs in your child’s hair. Nits do not move because they are attached to the hair, so they are not a risk until they hatch. It would be okay to send your child/children back to school while trying to do the nit combing process, because this could take a few days to get all of them out. Nits are not contagious (until they hatch!).

rear view of adult holding a Back To School chalkboard and the hand of a child wearing red backpack.Now not every school has picked up on the new policies that I mentioned before, and some of them still have the strict policy of not sending your child back to school until they are completely lice AND nit free. This policy is because nits hatch and nobody knows when they will hatch. Once they hatch, they bugs can then spread, of course.

Once your child has a confirmed case of head lice, I would suggest calling your child’s school nurse and asking her what the lice policy is, just so you know when it is safe to send them back. LiceDoctors also has blogs on many school districts that tell you what the district lice policy is.

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