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Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Don’t Worry; LiceDoctors Makes House Calls!

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Updated on July 13, 2020

LiceDoctors makes house calls all year round, but with the arctic freeze that is sweeping the nation, isn’t it especially nice not to have to bundle up to get treated for head lice?

Who wants to get the kids dressed in their winter coats and boots, load them into the car, and drive the icy roads to get to a lice salon? You certainly don't need to do that when there is a far more convenient option: LiceDoctors in-home professional lice treatment service. We come to you, in an unmarked vehicle, to ensure ultimate privacy. We will take it from there.

We have been treating families in the comfort and privacy of their home for over 20 years. Not only will our in-home professional lice treatment save you from the hassle of taking your kids elsewhere, it will also provide you maximum privacy. We know that most people do not want to advertise that they have lice and our in-home treatment removes the risk of running into people on your way into a salon.

Another advantage of in-the-home treatment is you avoid the risk of non-infested family members picking up a case of head lice at a salon. In addition, in-home service affords you maximum flexibility; when one child is finished being checked and treated, she or he can return to everyday activities—no need to wait for brother or sister to be treated.

Still not sure? How about this? LiceDoctors Lice Removal Service has the highest documented success rate—99.9%. That is a lot of success when you are talking about over 400,000 clients treated! And….the cost of our treatment is significantly lower than that of most salons! Yes, you read that correctly. All of the advantages that come along with a LiceDoctors fully guaranteed lice treatment, and the price is lower than most other services. 

So if you DO need to seek professional lice treatment for your family, 

Why go through this?

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When you can be like this?

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Call us at (800) 224-2537 for a convenient and effective in-home lice treatment service, and we will help you today!