Are Nits Contagious?

school nurse or teacher checking for head lice in a child's hair

You find lice in your child or, worse, you get a call from school informing you that your child has nits (lice eggs) in her hair. Now what? Are nits even contagious?

The good news is that nits are not contagious. The bad news is that as soon as they hatch, a nymph or baby bug emerges. Within a few days, that nymph will be able to move. About a week later, it will mature, and begin laying eggs. That is when the trouble really starts!

Each louse can lay 6-10 eggs daily and will live for 30 days. Each of those offspring will eventually mature and start laying eggs. Before too long you have a significant infestation.So while a nit is not contagious at that stage, it is preparing to cause you a headache!

To eradicate nits, you need to know what they look like. Nits when first deposited in your hair are microscopic in size. Eventually they grow to be about .03 inches. Nits are round on one side and pointy on the other with an antenna protruding from the pointy end. They are glued to the hair near to the scalp. If you find a nit farther down the strand, it is an empty shell. You will need to squeeze your fingers around the nit in order to dislodge it. Additionally, you can try to use a high-quality comb to pull the nits off. Once you get the nit off of the hair, put it against a white background and it will look brown if it’s a nit. If it blends into the white background it is either dandruff (if it is flakey) or a DEC plug (if it is sticky). A DEC plug is exudate from a blocked oil gland.

Keep in mind, all nits have to be removed. If you do not get all the nits, they will mature and lay more and you will be back to the beginning of your lice journey. LiceDoctors has helped many frustrated people who call us because they thought that they had succeeded in getting rid of the case, only to see that it has returned.

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