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After Care Plan – An Important Component In The Process Of Getting Rid Of Lice For Good

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Updated on July 18, 2020

It takes weeks or months to develop a case of head lice. Your technician will get out all visible nits and then you will do a simple follow up to be sure that the lice stay away.

When LiceDoctors’ technicians visit a client’s home, the goal (always) is to leave the client lice-free and nit-free.  While technicians are successful in removing lice with an extremely effective protocol, the copyrighted follow-up plan they leave you is an excellent adjuvant to ensure that the lice do not return.  Technicians will remove all visible nits (eggs) but they can not remove what can not be seen.

Lice lay up to 10 eggs a day. Eggs that are laid on the day of treatment or the day before may be too small to be seen. That is why your tech leaves you with a follow-up plan. The technician will also recommend buying the terminator comb they use to comb through the hair as it is the best comb on the market. The comb is a sturdy metal and the tines of the comb are close enough together to catch any nit that may have lingered. microscope image of adult louse, lice and nits.

The protocol of the plan is specific and very easy to follow. The technicians always review the follow-up plan thoroughly with the clients, as well as provide a FAQ (frequently asked questions) sheet in order to help answer any questions the clients might have.  So when a technician visits your household, she will make sure that you understand the follow-up plan completely before she leaves.  Ask any questions you or your family might have.  As I always tell my clients, I am here to get rid of your lice and to educate you... so ask away.

LiceDoctors has been treating head lice for nearly two decades and has treated over 450,000 clients. Your technician will provide you with top-notch care right in your own home. You can’t beat that for convenience and expertise. Call LiceDoctors in Roswell and Alpharetta at 404-618-0472 .