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Your life has been thrown into chaos on account of head lice. You have either tried and been unsuccessful at eradicating the case or you know that this task is not for an inexperienced lice-picker to tackle. Time to look for a professional lice treatment service. LiceDoctors made the decision years ago to provide fully guaranteed service via house calls because it offers many advantages to our clients compared with a salon. Below are some advantages to an in-home head lice treatment service compared with a salon service:

Confidentiality: In home-services (or wherever you want to be treated) are private and offer complete privacy. Many children and parents do not want to run into a neighbor while walking into a salon or see a classmate within the salon. LiceDoctors technicians drive their own cars that have NO signs.

Convenience: With in-home lice services, parents do not have to drag their children into the car and drive several miles to a salon. This means less hassle, no expense for gas, and no time wasted driving to a salon.

Flexibility: Service in your home optimizes schedules; at home head lice service allows children to return to their normal routine while their sibling or mom is being treated. They do not have to wait around after they are finished.

Less overwhelming for a child: Getting head lice may be upsetting to a child (and parents!). For many children, especially young ones, having to go to a strange place during this time adds more stress. Often children prefer the familiarity of their home.

No risk of contracting lice: Since everyone in the family should be checked, it can be a bit risky bringing an unaffected child into a salon that caters to people with infestations.

Pricing: Parents often assume that in-the-home service is more costly than salon services. In fact, salons tend to charge more than our treatment service. In the case of LiceDoctors, our prices are among the lowest prices in the area.

More Hours of Availability: Usually salons are open 5 days a week from 9-5 while our in-home services are available 7 days a week, day time and evenings, every day of the year. If you discover lice in your family, choose the option that is the least stressful and that works.

Call LiceDoctors in Virginia today: Richmond 804-396-2193; Charlottesville 434-202-3460; Northern Virginia 703-662-4519; and Virginia Beach 757-609-0509.

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