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LiceDoctors, with many years of experience, has helped over 450,000 children and adults win their battle against head lice. LiceDoctors is the leading lice and nit removal service in Arkansas because we provide effective, thorough, and safe chemical-free lice treatment to every one of our clients. Your comfort and privacy are of paramount importance to us. To that end, we come to your home (or wherever you designate) in an unmarked car any time of the day or night. We know that lice don’t take holidays or weekends off so neither do we. We have an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Same day service – day or night–7 days a week– over 20 years experience!

Arkansas lice treatment and removal

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Client Testimonials

  • "Thanks LiceDoctors for helping us! This service was so convenient and really worked for us. I called a number and they scheduled someone to come out within a few hours to help us get rid of lice on our 6 year old and check the rest of the family. Our tech was Lindsey and she rocks! She was so knowledgeable, focused, and calm and went straight to work. I suddenly felt a million pound weight lifting off my shoulders. She clearly knew what she was doing and my kids responded to her in a way they never would for me. Turns out my husband and I were clear, but my younger daughter was infested as well. I recommend Lindsey and LiceDoctors to anyone who has to deal with lice! A million thanks." - Whitney R. in Little Rock, Arkansas 

  • "LiceDoctors was amazing. I have dealt with lice before and it has always been a NIGHTMARE. This time when I realized that I, too, was infested, I knew I needed help. There was no way my husband, bless him, was going to take this on and win. In swooped Jackie from LiceDoctors and she worked diligently to remove all of the eggs and lice so that my kids could get back into school the next day. The school nurse is a real stickler and won't admit a child if there is even one egg in the hair. Sure enough, Jackie completed her work on 4 of us in under 3 hours, and my kids passed inspection the next day in school! This was money well-spent and my husband agrees!" - Sheryl P. in Conway, Arkansas

  • "What are you gonna do when you find lice? Call LiceDoctors! I was freaking out when I saw those disgusting bugs on my 3 year old and on my baby! There was no way that I was going to tackle this task on my own. I called the pediatrician who directed me to LiceDoctors (thankfully). Your technician knew exactly what to do to first calm my shaky nerves and second to clear the lice out of my girls' hair. A month later and still no signs of lice. I will always be grateful to the LiceDoctors and recommend you highly." - Kaye S. in Bryant, AR. 

  • "Our technician focused on getting out every nit. LiceDoctors saved the day and the day was my daughter's birthday! Ten little girls were due to arrive at our house the next day when I spotted my daughter scratching her head furiously. As my heart sank into my stomach, I checked her head and saw a number of things that I realized must be lice eggs. I have a stressful job and am known for my calmness under pressure. Well...let's just say that was not the case here--I was a maniac. My husband, fearing for my sanity, went online and found LiceDoctors. I was so impressed and relieved when your lice operator showed up within the hour and went to work. She was methodical and confident as she pulled out hundreds of nits and showed me what she was doing. She also educated us on strategies to help prevent future lice attacks. We were pleased to learn that any lice that might be found in the house would die within 24 hours. My daughter, who feared her party would be called off, was especially thrilled to be told that she could host her birthday with no risk to her friends of getting lice. Thank you." - Judy S. and a grateful family in North Little Rock, Arkansas


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